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fake designer bags made with dog leaather

When I told my friend about the fake designer replica bags made with dog leather, her so-called ‘animal-loving mind’ nearly blew up! She used every strong adjective in the book to describe how appalled and angry she felt. She asked me how this was even possible?

My friend was working for an animal rights NGO, which explained to me why she was so upset. She then asked, “How can this be allowed in the market?” I knew how she felt; I was equally saddened and equally shocked.

I explained to my friend the only reason why these bags were still selling in the market. It was because some of the most renowned designers copied the design of iconic brands and sold them as their own. Not only was this a form of online piracy, but also a form of cruelty against animals.

Because of their leather-made exterior, these fake designer bags had the quality of real leather bags. People couldn’t even distinguish between the genuine product and the fake one, so they unknowingly purchased animal-made products.

My friend was totally miffed when I told her about this. “This shouldn’t be happening at all!”, she exclaimed in frustration. As animal rights activists, we both strongly believe in ethical consumption and thus being animal-friendly. We believe that buying faux leather replica bags over real leather bags may not stop the suffering of animals, but at least it will reduce it to a greater extent.

We discussed further, and the conclusion was that awareness should spread far and wide. We both agreed to put up a campaign to promote the use of vegan fashion, leading to cruelty free products. We’ve also decided to find out which luxury brands are using animal leather, so people can boycott those brands.

So here we were, strategizing our plans on how to launch the PETA ethics of fashion. We discussed more about how to create a peaceful movement, where luxury and cruelty aesthetics would never mix. We talked about how to introduce ethical and sustainable fashion to the luxury market and people too.

We came to the conclusion that only those brands should be promoted that are all about ethical practices. We discussed about how to replace the real leather with synthetic leather. We discussed about how to spread the message that Vegan fashion is totally here to slay.

We thought of further measures that we would take to promote the said agenda. We discussed how we would conduct various workshops, seminars, and talks that would educate people about animal rights and vegan fashion. We thought of various social media strategies that could be employed to spread the message. We also discussed how to reach out to luxury brands and educate them about animal-friendly fashion.

At the end of our long conversation, we were both content that our ideas would bring about a great change. We hoped that whoever hears this message, would join us and together rewrite the fashion industry, which is cruel, to one which is compassionate and sustainable. We believed that if human beings take a stand with animals, then the world could be a better place to live in.