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fake designer bags customs

My friend, recently I went through an experience that opened my eyes to the issue of fake designer bags. I found this out when I ordered an expensive bag online only to find that it was a fake. Apparently, some countries have an exception in their customs laws that allows the import of fake designer goods and the tax for these faux items is not charged. As it turns out, fake designer bags are rampant in an international market due to their low prices.

To begin with, I was trying to add a unique looking designer bag to my wardrobe. So I started searching online and found a great deal for a designer bag. I was so excited to finally have a designer product in my wardrobe, louis vuitton outlet I didn’t even think twice about the authenticity. When I received the bag, it seemed fine at first, louis vuitton outlet but then I felt like something was wrong. Strategically placed logos on the bag, the unusually cheap price, and the bad stitching all gave me an idea that this bag wasn’t an original one.

Therefore, I did some more research and realized that fake designer items are imported and sold worldwide, despite the laws that forbid the sale of these products. The difference between the quality of my real designer bag was immediately visible. The color faded during first wash and the handle melted after leaving it in my wardrobe for just a few weeks. This made me think that I should have bought the real one instead.

Interestingly, it appears to be that easy to purchase faux designer bags. For instance, you can buy the same looking bag you have seen a fellow buyer wear in your locality, but it could be a fake, sourced directly from a distant country. This is all due to the exceptions in customs laws in some countries, that allow the sale of faux products without collecting taxes from them.

Notably, the primary reason why these products and customs laws exist is due to the high cost of original designer products. It is often unattainable for people who need a designer item, so they resort to buying the faux versions instead. The price of something like a designer watch, bag or shoes can be so excessively expensive that a lot of people decide to buy the fake version so they can get the same look.

The thing that shocked me the most was that while buying, you can not tell if the product is an original or a duplicate one. The only way to find out is to get it checked and identified by a professional. It is then up to us whether we would like to keep it or not. Alas, this made me realize that I will never be able to buy a designer item with peace of mind unless I have enough money, or I accompany someone who is experienced in identification of fakes.

As I continue with my journey, I have learned that no matter how much I am attracted to a product due to its looks, I should double-check its authenticity before purchase, or it can be a complete waste of money. To avoid getting tricked by customs laws, I do research about the product’s authenticity as much as possible before finalizing my purchase.

It seems like most designer companies feel powerless against the influence of faux products in Europe, as companies are unable to sue as much as they would like to because of lax customs laws. But, the people who do have the money to purchase these designer products are put into danger of being duped too. Thus, we can not claim to have efficient customs systems in place until the laws prohibit the import, sale, and distribution of fake designer products.