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fake designer bags chiang mai

It’s been a while since I traveled to Chiang Mai and I must say, the last time I visited the area, I wasn’t expecting to stumble upon a bunch of knockoff designer bags. In fact, I was quite surprised to find that there’s a lively market where people sell fake designer handbags, made to look like the real thing!

Of all the places that I’ve been, I didn’t think I’d find it here—in Chiang Mai, a city bustling with vibrant culture and exotic sights. But sure enough, people are hustling and bustling around selling the counterfeit bags. Usually, they’ll apologize for selling it but still keep insisting that they’re “really good” and “authentic.”

For a moment, I felt outraged. To think that people are taking advantage of unsuspecting tourists who come to admire the city. But then again, I figured that this is just part of the country’s entrepreneurial culture.

I was also quite interested to see the range of bags and knockoff accessories that were on display. Although none of them were the real thing, the quality of produced replica was quite impressive! I was also surprised to find the sheer amount of people that supported the sub-economy of fake designers. Even some locals seemed to cling on to the real thing, but when they can’t afford it, they’ll resort to buying the cheaper copy.

At the same time, I had also heard some horror stories of folks getting ripped-off after purchasing the knockoff handbags. But it’s also true that people are finding some good (and quite decent!) deals on fake designer bags.

Still, louis vuitton outlet I left the market that day feeling like I should have never gone there. I felt really taken aback by the idea of people making a buck out of these fake bags products.

But at the same time, I couldn’t help but admire the hustle. People in Chiang Mai, and the throngs of tourists that come here every day, all seem to have an eye out for a better bang for their buck. Even if the bag doesn’t feel like the real thing, I think people seem to appreciate the effort and craftsmanship which goes behind producing these fake designer bags.