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fake chanel bag on ebay

I was so excited to buy my very first Chanel purse on eBay recently. Little did I know it was a total fake bags!

The minute I opened my ‘new’ bag, I knew immediately it was a counterfeit. It smelled funny and the stitching was off. I was so disappointed. Even though I should have known better, I could not believe it! I was so sure the seller told me the truth.

But the thing that really disappointed me the most was that the bag looked well made and was actually quite beautiful. It was made of really good-looking material – I could tell it was really well made – and it was a perfect dupe for the genuine Chanel bag I was dreaming about. It was such a shame!

I thought maybe if I had done my research beforehand, and looked more closely at the photos of the bag the seller had posted, I could have saved myself the cookie and gotten the real deal. But I was in such a hurry and thought I was getting a good deal so I didn’t take the time to check.

I decided to get rid of the FakeChanel and look for the real thing. I started doing my research, googling and looking around online, trying to find out exactly how to identify a real Chanel bag.

Turns out, it’s not that hard if you know what you’re looking for. So now I check for small details like the bag’s locks, logos, zippers and even the dust bags they come with. You’d be surprised at the amount of detail the counterfeiters go into.

Before I buy a bag, I always check carefully for authenticity and I cross check with the seller. Thankfully, I’ve been able to avoid being ripped off again. I usually try to buy only from trusted sources like second hand stores or online used clothing websites.

I also think it’s important to check the design. Even if a bag looks great and seems to be an easy replica bags, it’s still not going to be the same as a genuine bag. Believe me, it’s worth paying the extra cash to get the real thing, because in the long run you get more money for your money.

I was so angry when I realized I was duped, but now I’m smarter and more careful when shopping for luxury goods. Sure, it stings to be taken for a fool, but now I understand the importance of being cautious and doing my research.