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fake burberry blue label bag

My friend, last week I was browsing online to find a present for my sister’s birthday. Out of sheer curiosity, I browsed around a few fashion online shops. I stumbled upon what I thought was an awesome ‘Burberry Blue Label Bag’ bag. I was stunned by its exquisite design and beautiful blue color.

At first, it seemed unreal that such a beautiful bag would be so cheap. I thought it must be a fake. Still, I decided to take a chance and ordered the bag. I was so excited to finally purchase something Burberry and for such a good price.

When I received my bag in the mail, louis vuitton outlet I was so happy and immediately opened the package. Needless to say, I was disappointed. As soon as I touched it, fake bags I knew that it was a fake Burberry Blue Label Bag. The quality and craftsmanship was terrible. It was obvious that it was not authentic and was a cheap fake.

To make things worse, the bag was nothing like what I had seen in the photos of the online shop. The blue color was washed out and the texture was completely off. Even the details of the bag were completely wrong.

I was so disappointed and immediately returned the bag to the online shop. I was able to get my money back, although it was a bit late. I also received an apology from the online shop for sending such a low quality replica of the Burberry Blue Label Bag.

Since then, I have learned a valuable lesson about shopping online. Sometimes online shop photos look too good to be true and it is very important to check the quality of the items. I will also avoid fake replicas and always purchase authentic items.

I shared this story with my sister and she was very happy. She kindly took me shopping and I was able to buy her a beautiful original Burberry Blue Label Bag. It was way more expensive but worth it. I was so proud of myself and felt accomplishment in having bought my sister something worthwhile.

My sister loves this bag and I think she got the best present ever. Now I know that paying extra for quality is worth every penny. My sister’s birthday gift is a constant reminder of our shopping adventure and I will never forget the lesson I had learned along the way.

After my shopping adventure, I’m extra careful not to be lured in by the tempting images and prices online especially for luxury items. Instead, I’m more likely to go physical store shopping and take time to inspect the item before I buy it. I usually ask for the help of the associate to get an opinion on the quality of what I’m buying but I don’t always rely on it as everyone’s preferences differ.

I recently read a story about a woman who had bought a fake Burberry Blue Label Bag from an online shop and the experience fresh in my memory, I became obsessed in finding out how to truly tell the difference between an original and fake.

So I began my research. I devoured websites, watched YouTube videos, and read many online reviews.

I learned a lot about how to detect the real thing, as some of the signs can be pretty subtle. For instance, a real Burberry Blue Label Bag carries a subtle triangular “Burberry England” logo pattern along the edge of the bag while a fake doesn’t. Checking the materials, craftsmanship, and construction of the bag can also help identify the real deal.

I even went ahead and read the minute details Burberry provides on their website. I found pictures of the bag fabric details, interior design, mechanics etc. which made it easier to spot the differences between the real and the fake.

Lastly, I visited the original Burberry store in my hometown to discuss the features that characterize the authentic Burberry Blue Label Bag and the many ways to identify the difference. The store also carries an amazing range of Burberry bags, and while they’re a bit expensive, I was assured that I’m getting quality and originality.

Though it wasn’t cheap, I eventually bought an original Burberry Blue Label Bag and I must say, there really is no comparison between an original and a fake – the real thing looks and feels much better! This was a great learning experience and since then I’ve done more research to help me spot the difference between a counterfeit and real.

I take a much closer look at what I’m buying now and have been much more careful about where I’m buying it from – even if it means spending a bit more. It’s a lesson worth learning friends!