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fake brown fendi spy bag

I’m sure at least one of my friends must have seen it, especially the fashionistas of our group. This mysterious bag has taken the fashion world by storm lately. It’s the fake brown Fendi Spy bag! Everyone was talking about it; From my mom, to my stylist and even my best friend Sara, we all wanted one of these so-called miracles of fashion. I had this urge to get this bag, so I decided to investigate.

After doing some research, I found out that these bags were a knock-off of louis vuitton outlet Vuitton’s sac a scotch. Obviously, Fendi was doing this in hopes of capitalizing on the classic LV maverick-mystery look. Now, unlike the real louis vuitton outlet Vuitton monograms, the tint of the Fendi copies weren’t quite right. It was just too obvious that these were fake to me.

Also, the stitching was so sloppy; I knew it must have been done in some assembly-line in China. It was so upsetting to find out that the bag wasn’t the real thing after all. However, even though it wasn’t a real Fendi bag, there was something about it that captivated me. It was just so stylish, the kind of bag I could imagine Rihanna carrying with her.

Then I began to research more about the bag, not just whether it was fake or not. I found out that the bag cost only a fraction of the original Fendi Spy and yet it offered surprisingly high-quality craftsmanship. Perhaps, this was the reason why these bags were so popular; they didn’t just look stylish but also provided great value for money.

Moreover, the bag had multiple features; It was incredibly spacious for a bag in its class. I could easily fit my laptop, a few magazines, a notebook and a water bottle inside and since it’s water-proof, I am worry-free when it comes to rainy days. That’s why, despite the fact that I knew it was a knock-off, I was still willing to buy it. It seemed like every fashionista was sneering at it then why not me?

I think that everyone needs to understand that designer labels aren’t necessarily better and sometimes it’s smarter to get a good copy instead. Obviously, getting an original is ideal, but if the budget is tight, this is definitely worth considering.

Not to mention, it seemed to be extremely sturdy and I heard it’s even more durable than the real one, as long as, of course, no one can tell that it’s actually a copy.

I decided to go for it, so after a long search, I finally got a really good one. I couldn’t wait to take it out for a spin and honestly, it was worth every penny. The bag came pre-packed with several compartments and pockets and I felt like I was prepared for anything that came my way.

I’m sure you all understand why I’m so in love with this beautiful bag. I can wear it to go to school, to work, to dinner or to a night out and these days, it’s become a staple in my wardrobe. Everyone should definitely get their hands-on one of these beauties.

So, what do you all think? Would you buy this bag? I’m sure it’s definitely worth the investment and you can still keep up with the latest trends without breaking the bank. Let me know in the comments below!