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fake body bags for halloween

It’s always been a debate amongst my own friends – to choose to celebrate Halloween in a different manner, or to follow along with the usual trend. This year I shared a suggestion that included fake body bags, that would surely out-creep everyone else’s costumes. I know, it might not be “the best” idea, but it was definitely creative!

The idea of fake body bags made me think about how I could best create them. So I started scanning the internet for instructions on making a body bag, and came across a few tutorials. I was quite impressed to find out how easy it was! From fake bags blood, to zippers and straps – everything was available at my local costume shop.

Once I gathered all the necessary items, I was ready to start constructing. I was quite excited to make this project, but at the same time extremely cautious – I had to ensure that it did not look too real, otherwise I would attract the wrong kind of attention. So I began by cutting the shape of a human body with scissors and then attaching all the straps, zippers and fake blood.

I was quite proud of my creation. As soon as I wore it, my friends started looking at me in awe. I was even approached by a few strangers who asked if I had made them myself. I proudly accepted the compliments and gracefully thanked them.

However, I must admit, it was a bit disturbing to actually be wearing what resembled a dead body. It was not all fun and games – I had to try to act convincing, so as to not scare people away. It was my challenge to somehow lighten the mood with my idea.

And it seemed to be working! I started dancing and laughing, and sure enough, the atmosphere started to shift from being somber to being one of joy, silliness and fun. The fact that I decided to go an extra mile and make this costume for Halloween certainly worked in my favor!

By the end of the night, people had certain opinions about my costume. Some liked it and some did not, but they all recognized me as the one with the fake body bag that made quite the rankle. I was glad that I was able to make a statement – one that surely has everyone talking!

At the end of the day, I was happy with my choice, despite the strange stares. Not only did I wear something that was different and fun, I created it myself. I am proud of the fact that I did not conform to the usual Halloween costume ideas and went for something totally out-of-the-box.

So if you’re feeling bogged down by the same old costumes, why not try something different this Halloween? Fake body bags very well might be the statement you’re looking for!

For more ways to be creative and original when it comes to celebration costumes. One option can be custom-made costumes, this could be to pick two costumes, mix and match them to create something one-of-a-kind. Another could be to create the costume using a large variety of items from thrifted stores and vintage shops, this gives the costume an unique and personal touch. A third could be to draw inspiration from popular television shows or movies, such as The Walking Dead or the Saw. This can also be done by visiting the costume store and mix and match from the selection of ready costumes to create something unique.

A prime thing to remember when planning on a costume is to think out of the box and be creative. There are many ways to make a statement, no need to be afraid of going a bit extra and experimenting with different elements and textures. There is nothing wrong with getting a bit crafty and creating or buying the things you need for the costume. You can create a statement with something as abstract as a fake body bag, and if done right people will be talking about it.

Whether you decide to make the costume yourself or buy it already made, it is important to remember to always stay safe when out celebrating, especially on Halloween, by wearing something that does not obstruct your vision nor your path of sight. Moreover, one should always be aware of their surroundings, their costume should not be something that makes it hard to maneuver in general.

The same principles apply if you are buying something that is already made or something you create. It does not matter which you choose as long as you can be safe wearing it and that you are comfortable in it. Make sure you pair it with suitable accessories, such as masks, hats, headpieces, teeth or wigs. Masks should not hinder the ability to see appropriately so make sure that when trying on the costume, it is made of a light and flexible material that does not cause discomfort.

Finally, body bags for Halloween should be seen as a fun and louis vuitton outlet creative way of celebrating. Used as a costume, it should be comfortable, hassle-free. Moreover, the most important is that whenever you decide to dress up, use your good judgment and most importantly, stay safe.