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fake blood bags actors use squid

It was so weird when I first heard about actors using squid for fake blood for films and t.v. shows! It’s a practice that’s been around for about a decade but it’s still pretty shocking to those who didn’t know about it.

It all started when a special effects artist was trying to find a non-toxic substance to use as fake blood since a lot of stage productions don’t allow for real blood or similar substances to be used on talent. He discovered that a pureed form of squid could surprisingly be used as a substitute and the rest was history.

At first, I thought it was kind of disgusting that actors were putting squid on themselves for movie scenes, but then I found out some of the advantages of using it and it was much less repulsive. For one, squid is obviously non-toxic and safer than a lot of other substances that might have originally been considered for louis vuitton outlet the same purpose.

Plus, it also looks pretty realistic in terms of color and viscosity, which can be a huge help when trying to give the effect of blood in a scene. It’s also easy to dye squid for some added realism, which is a plus for special effects artists.

And, most importantly, it’s incredibly affordable! Compared to some of the other potential combinations that the artist could have tried, squid was much cheaper and accessible and, therefore, was the obvious choice for replica bags cost-saving reasons.

Overall, I’m really impressed that such an unconventional choice was made for a movie effect. It’s also interesting to learn that such a seemingly disgusting thing can be used to create something so convincing and realistic on the big screen!