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fake bags in france

I am absolutely dismayed about the proliferation of fake bags in France. In the recent years, it has become a full-fledged business for counterfeiters and that really alarms me. I can’t tell the number of times I’ve seen people in the streets of Paris, proudly carrying a knock-off handbag that looks like a designer piece. It’s really disheartening to say the least.

The world of luxury and designer goods has always been like a black hole, making it so hard to distinguish between fakes and genuine items. What’s worse is that shady dealers who are out to make a quick buck get away with selling counterfeits and the law doesn’t seem to be interested in halting this illegal activity.

What really riles me is that people buy fake bags because they think it’s okay because they can get almost the same look for a fraction of the cost. What they probably don’t realize is that the materials aren’t of the same quality, which means that these fake bags won’t last nearly as long as genuine ones.

What really bothers me about this topic is that society seems to be okay with it. Instead of holding people accountable, it normalizes the act of buying and carrying inferior goods in the name of fashionable luxury. I mean, it’s like they are making fun of the hard work of the people who spend their lives crafting beautiful replica bags and accessories.

Another thing that I’m livid about is the lack of law enforcement against those who are engaged in selling fake bags. There’s zero deterrence, zero punishment, and it allows these illegal activities to continue unabated. What’s worse is that the authentic brands don’t do anything either, it’s like they simply decided to turn a blind eye.

Given that counterfeiting is a multi-billion dollar industry nowadays, it’s really tragic to think that something of this scale can still go unscathed. But I guess the saddest part is that you can’t really find any real solutions to this problem. It’s almost impossible to regulate such an unscrupulous market that keep producing illegal designer goods in the end.

What makes this even more depressing is that the authorities don’t take it seriously either. What with the lack of law enforcement, low chances of prosecution, and insubstantial sentence given to those who are convicted of illegal trading it all seems like a lost cause.

This is a horrible situation and though I’m not sure what impact I could make alone, I’m resolved to do whatever I can to help the situation in France. I think it’s important for us to make our voices heard and let the people who are perpetuating this terrible tradition know that it needs to end.