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Fake Bags: How I Manage To Own Designer Pieces Without Breaking the Bank

Sometimes life can be so stressful.​ I can’t even explain it – money this, bills that, and yet I still want to look good.​ So, I came across this awesome thing called fake bags.​ Yup, you heard that right! They look just like the real thing, except they cost a fraction of the price.​ After a lot of research and prowling around, I’ve managed to tell the difference between them.​ You can do the same with these tips and tricks I learned without breaking the bank.​

For starters, keep an eye out for any spelling or syntax errors on the item you’re looking at.​ Designer bags are always well thought out and written correctly.​ If that’s not there, chances are they’re not real.​ Secondly, inspect the hardware, that usually gives it away.​ If it looks kind of dated, off kilter, or just plain cheap, chances are it’s not designer.​ Oftentimes, designer hardware has a heavier weight and smoother appearance.​

Also, consider the leather! Fake bags usually have stiff cheap looking leather, while designer pieces have smooth buttery soft leather.​ It’s really easy to tell the difference when you touch it.​ The real deal will almost always feel better.​ What’s more, designer bags make use of leather trim which is different from fake bags.​ Fake bags are usually made from faux leather, so the trim won’t be as smooth as a designer piece.​

Fake bags don’t have the same quality or attention to detail that a designer piece does.​ If you look closely, you’ll notice the sewing is usually not as neat and the stitching won’t be as even.​ Additional elements like zipper pulls or tag charms may distract from the overall look of the bag.​ Designer bags usually don’t feature these added knick-knacks and instead opt for the minimalist route.​

Aside from these physical differences, there’s something else to bear in mind when shopping around for stylish pieces.​ Knowing your brands helps a ton! Pay attention to all the details that differentiate them.​ Then, you’ll be better equipped to spot a true designer bag from a fake without having to pay the extra bucks for the real thing.​

Apart from that, another huge money saving tip of mine is to shop for limited collections.​ A few of the items featured in these collections could be quite expensive.​ But, some of them could be within your budget so it’s good to give them a shot.​

These little tricks here and there have literally changed the way I shop.​ I feel far more informed now when I go browse for designer bags.​ Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I also spend a fraction of the price.​ I get to own the same pieces without breaking the bank which really works in my favor.​

Now, let’s focus on the other four sections.​ Knowing the materials used to make designer bags and comparing it to the kind of materials used to make fake replica bags can be really helpful.​ Real designer bags always use high- quality materials and attention to detail is taken in terms of delivery quality.​ Fake bags, on the other hand, usually use much lower-grade materials and the quality of construction is usually not that great.​

Close scrutiny of the packaging can also tell you whether or not a bag is designed.​ Designer bags often come with dust bags, tags, and other luxury additions that are rarely included with fake bags.​ On the other hand, fake replica bags usually come in plastic wrap or with cardboard tags.​

Another great way to find out if you are buying a designer or fake bag is to check the price.​ It is important to remember that there is a big difference between designer and fake bags when it comes to price.​ Generally, fake bags are much cheaper than designer bags and if you are lucky you might be able to purchase a fake bag for a fraction of the cost of a designer bag.​

I’ve also found that a great way to snag designer replica bags is to opt for preloved or second-hand pieces.​ Often times, I come across various wonderful and unique designer pieces at consignment stores and thrift shops.​ It’s a win-win situation because you get the designer bag you want at a fraction of the cost.​

Another tactic I like to employ when it comes to designer pieces without breaking the bank is to look for company sponsored sales.​ Most designer brands offer discounts and promotions on their products throughout the year.​ By taking advantage of these deals I’ve managed to save quite a bit of money and still own a designer piece.​

Often times, seasonal sales are also a great way of buying designer bags without draining your wallet.​ The Christmas season is full of sales and I often get designer bags at a fraction of the regular price.​

Lastly, the internet is also a great place to find designer bags without demolishing your bank account.​ There are many online retailers that offer discounts on designer items.​ Many of them offer free shipping and free returns, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for them.​

This is the way I manage to own designer bags without breaking the bank.​ I hope this post was helpful and if you have any more tips and tricks to share, please do.​ Cheers!