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fake bags at yuen yuen market shanghai

My friend, have you ever heard of Yuen Yuen market in Shanghai? It’s a mayjor tourist destination famous for counterfeit and fake bags goods. I went there recently and I must say it was a real eye opener.

The first thing I noticed upon entering the market was the sheer number of bags being sold. They ranged from designer knockoffs to faux fur crosses and anything in between. I was amazed at how quickly the vendors could change the styles, colors, and design – just to attract more customers. I tried one and louis vuitton outlet even though it was obviously fake, it was still quite beautiful and surprisingly well made.

I got a better look into the inner workings of the market when I went into the back room and witnessed all the hustle and bustle. There were workers chopping up clothing materials, others working the machines, and even some with their noses stuck in a seamstress’ manuals. It felt like a factory minus the robots. I watched as the workers quickly and diligently complied orders and made the bags and purses with matching accessories.

I must admit, I was a bit jealous of all these workers who make a living producing cheap versions of designer pieces, though I’m sure most of them would not consider their work very glamorous. Everyone seemed to be connected in some way to the industry, with the majority of the market being filled with young people who thrive in this kind of fast pace environment.

The price tags readily caught my attention as I proceeded to browse – they were much lower than the real thing. I could see why there were so many tourists here, because they could easily find a good deal. My friend bargained for a few items and was so proud with his final price – I even caught him bragging to the other shoppers.

Overall, I had an interesting day and I’m happy that I went. I wouldn’t be surprised if I went back in a few months and everything was sold out and replaced with something else. This is the beauty of Yuen Yuen market – it never stays the same.

I really liked one of the bags I saw there. It was a beautiful, pink shoulder bag with fabric flowers sewn into the lining. It was a pretty basic design but I liked that it had a convenient combination lock on the closure. I thought about how much I would get it for if it was real, and found myself wishing for a moment that it was.

The next thing I was interested about was the source of the goods. Everywhere I walked, I saw bags with the same logo, same colors, same material, but different brands. I knew that some of the vendors must know each other somehow or be working together to get these goods, but I couldn’t tell who was the main provider. I would’ve asked but I saw how quick they were to shipping out orders and like I said, it felt like a factory.

I also noticed that along with the bags, there were a lot of other counterfeit items being sold, such as watches, shoes, and sunglasses. It was unreal how far the sellers will go in order to produce knock offs that look like their designer inspiration. In certain spots around the market, it was hard to distinguish between what was real and what was fake.

Yuen Yuen market in Shanghai definitely isn’t the kind of place you want to bring your friends who are big on designer labels. Unless you’re willing to spend a good chunk of money, it’s much better to buy the fake version. I knew this, but I still felt a bit guilty that money was being made out of counterfeiting goods.

The thing that surprised me the most was the quality of the faux goods being sold. Even though they weren’t real, they were all made with very good materials and quality craftsmanship. This made me appreciate the work done by the vendors and especially the workers who have to deal with the fast pace and long hours of the industry.

It didn’t really hit me until after I left the market how Yuan Yuen market is not only a tourist’s paradise but also small businesses’ remedy. It provides a way for them to get a piece of the fashion market for a significantly lower price. I thought about the people I met at the market and their passion for faux goods and it made me really appreciate their work ethic.

Now that I’ve gone, I can say that I really enjoyed myself and have a new appreciation for the almost the art of producing counterfeit bags. I like to think that I got away with something good – a nice, fake bag with a bargain price. I can’t wait to take it out and see what people think.