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fake bag market bangkok

You can’t visit Bangkok without hearing about the Fake Bag Market. It started out as an open-air market where a few locals began to sell a variety of handcrafted bags, totes and more. They advertised fake designer products which looked almost identical to the originals. Now, the Fake Bag Market is a booming business with hundreds of stalls and hundreds of shoppers.

I recently traveled to Bangkok and decided to check it out. I approached a stall selling a Michael Kors bag with what looked like the same tassel and pebble leather that the original was made of. The vendor assured me the quality was just as good, but half the price. I couldn’t believe it; I was getting what looked like a designer bag for such a bargain!

Not only were these bags cheaper, they were also surprisingly stylish. Sure, they had knockoff logos and zippers, but the attention to detail was amazing. The colors were vibrant and the stitching was perfect. There was this one bag, an LV trolley, that I was drooling over; I told myself that if there were any authentic ones in Bangkok, they’d have to look exactly like this one!

One of the best things about the Fake Bag Market was the bargaining. As I was purchasing the MK bag, the vendor and I ended up cutting the price in half. I had gotten an amazing bag, for a fraction of the price. And when I wore it out, I got so many compliments. People think it’s the real deal!

I felt amazing strolling around Bangkok with the MK bag. Not only was I rocking a designer-looking bag, I was also doing it in an alternative and economic way. When it came to this market, you didn’t need to worry about overpaying. The vendors wanted to get rid of their stock, and I was more than happy to help.

An elderly lady offered me a tip before I left; she told me to make sure the people at the markets knew what they were selling before I bought it. Fake products can still be found in some suspect stalls and some of the vendors were not the most reliable. As long as you’re mindful of that, you’ll come out with the same satisfaction I did.

Before I left, I bought a Gucci purse for my brother and an Hermes scarf for my mum. I promised myself that on my next trip, I’d come back and pick up some more treasures from the Fake Bag Market.

After spending a few weeks exploring Thailand, I still couldn’t stop talking about this amazing bag market. A friend of mine went a few weeks after me and experienced the same great prices and quality. She was really happy with her purchase and replica bags I wasn’t surprised; the Fake Bag Market had so much to offer.

My colleague, who had visited Bangkok numerous times, said that she too had heard of this great bag market. She told me that they were the only place she could afford designer bags because the prices were so much cheaper. When it comes to the Fake Bag Market, it looks like Bangkok has a well guarded secret.

I was telling a friend of mine about this amazing bag market, and she asked me where could she possibly learn more. I told her the market basically speaks for itself. In order to really appreciate the quality of the bags and the great prices, you have to go and see it for yourself.

Overall, my experience at the Fake Bag Market was one of the best, and I would go again anytime. There was no way that I was overpaying for a discounted knockoff bag, and I loved every second of the bargaining. Plus, the variety and quality of the replica bags were undeniably good. There’s nothing like getting a quality, designer-looking bag for half the price!