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fake air bags deaths in 2016

Last year was a total disaster; the news of fake air replica bags causing deaths in vehicles was no less than a shock. I just couldn’t comprehend how a failure in the safety measures of a car could cause people to lose their lives so unexpectedly. Little did I know that this huge tragedy had been in the works for years.

I heard about the matter in a conversation with my friend, who was told about it by a colleague. Apparently that same colleague had been one of the victims of the fake airbags. When he heard about the misfortune that had befallen him, he was simply heartsick. It was definitely one of those dreadful moments where words are of no use.

From what I’ve gathered, it all began in the year 2016, when the manufacturers of the faulty airbags had started replacing the genuine ones with fakes. Soon enough the news spread like wildfire and people started to inquire about the issue. One of the biggest incidents of 2016 was when countless people had lost their lives after being trapped in cars whose airbags had failed to deploy.

My mind is just boggled at how the death of so many people was taken so lightly. It’s just not right to think what happened is okay. Fortunately, action was taken and several lawsuits were brought up against the automakers. But that still can’t replace the lives lost, and there was no way making the families whole again.

It’s quite worrisome when you realise just how much bad stuff can go unnoticed in plain sight. Excess production; sub-standard material; falsifying quality reports; you name it. And the worse part about it is that people keep regurgitating the same mistakes with no learning curve whatsoever.

The thing with fake airbags is you can never be too sure if it’s a genuine one or not. My friend tells me it’s best to check the official website just to get a good idea of whether or louis vuitton outlet not the product is accredited by the manufacturer. Just to be on the safe side.

The moment I heard about the fake air Bag deaths last year I was taken aback. I remember seeing people go back and forth with news about car models showing the faults in the air bags. They had all been taken from credible sources from the internet, and yet it seemed that almost all of these accounts had either been ignored or neglected.

It’s such a pity, really; countless lives were taken, destroying families and impacting lives so negatively, mostly because a few people were purely focused on making a profit. It’s so truly heartbreaking.