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etsy review on fake designer bags

It happened to me a few months ago, and I never thought I’d be scammed buying a cute fake designer bag from Etsy. At first, it was the most brilliant idea I had had in years. It was a beautiful little bag that was perfect for my style, but I had no idea how much money I was going to waste.

The seller had the bag for a discounted rate and promised good quality, so I went ahead and purchased it. I was so excited for my new bag, but when it arrived…I was completely devastated. The bag had a weird smell and the material was so incredibly fake. To top it off, the zipper wasn’t even functional and the color was way off from what the description had said.

At first, I was in complete shock and disbelief. I mean, how could a seller on Etsy even get away with selling such a low quality product? Furthermore, the seller had the audacity to keep my money! I was so upset and ready to give up on ever buying designer bags, then I saw a review on the same bag I had purchased from someone else.

The review stated that they had an even worse experience than I did. They had found that the zipper and stitching of their bag had detached, and that the bag had been smelling really bad too. This made me realize that there were a lot of people who were getting scammed too.

That’s why I want to tell every single person out there to be aware of Etsy and the fake bags designer bags they are selling. It’s not only a waste of money but it’s a sheer disappointment that can really let you down in the worst possible way. Take it from me – you’ll never get your money back and you could end up with a bag you can’t even wear.

One thing to be mindful about when buying designer bags on Etsy is that you don’t get caught up in the low price tags. Just because a seller is offering a discounted rate, doesn’t mean the bag will be of any better quality. fake bags designer bags look almost the same anyway, so you might as well save up money for the actual designer item in order to avoid disappointment.

Also, you should keep in mind that not all Etsy sellers are scam artists. Most of the time, everything checks out accordingly and the bag you get looks exactly as advertised. But, it’s still important to take precaution and be wary of ordering, especially if you’re spending a lot of money.

So, whenever I find myself scoping for designer bags, I now look somewhere else and not on Etsy. Nobody should have to experience being scammed buying something that was supposed to bring you joy and excitement, so the best thing to do is stay far away from buying fake designer bags from Etsy.

Apart from this, there are many other websites that offer good quality designer bags. One thing I’ve done recently is buy preloved bags from stores and friends – you can get some amazing deals that way. You can also opt for a rental service and rent a bag for a few months, then return it. This isn’t only cost effective but you also get to try out different designer bags without investing in something you’re unsure of.

And if you really, really crave the original product, you can always purchase it yourself online on the designer’s official site, which is usually the most expensive but reliable option. However, if you can’t afford a designer bag and can’t rent it, then the next best thing is buying from a reputable site.

Big department stores that have designer sections or sites usually sell good replicas, but do your research first and contact customer service if you’re unsure about your purchase. If a website doesn’t have some sort of customer service, it’s usually a sign that you should look elsewhere.

Never settle for the first look alike bag you find, no matter how good the price is. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is, and you might waste your money on a bag that smells funny and falls apart after a couple uses. Do your research, read reviews and ask around – it’s usually the best way to find a good replica.