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Demystifying the World of Fake Bags

It has been pretty common in the last decade or so for people to be duped into buying fake bags in the world of designer bags.​ From the dustiest corners of online marketplaces to the corners of even the most popular stores, the issue of fake bags has become an epidemic.​

This got me thinking; why do people buy fake replica bags, when they could just as easily go to the store and buy the real thing? The answer can be broken down into three main reasons.​ Firstly, fake bags are significantly cheaper than the real ones.​ Secondly, it is easier to get your hands on a fake bag than a real one.​ And lastly, they do not need to worry about theSocial Stigma associated with buying a fake.​

The creators of fake bags assure buyers that their product is real and of a good quality, but little do they know that fakes bags are of substandard quality that will wear out in a short amount of time, leaving them with an expensive bag full of regret.​ The money saved by buying a fake bag is microscopic in comparison to the amount of disappointment you’ll experience when you realise you’ve been had.​

What’s more, buying fake bags is illegal.​ Not only is it unethical to buy a fake designer bag, but it also opens you up to the potential of facing civil or criminal litigation if caught.​ This is a steep price to pay for proudly sporting a counterfeit bag.​

A friend of mine learnt this lesson the hard way.​ She was so excited when she spotted a designer bag she loved being sold at an incredibly low price at the flea market.​ She bought it and a few weeks later, the handles broke away while she was out and about with her friends.​ She was embarrassed and ended up having to buy a new, genuine bag.​

I also learnt Michael Kors’s fakes of their classic bag designs are particularly sparse.​ The difference in quality and craftsmanship between a fake and a real Michael Kors can sometimes be hard to pinpoint, however the designerriveted hardware will give you away every time.​ Real designer hardware is strong, thick and deep.​ Fake hardware is anemic and thin, often easily scratched or broken.​

The common thread between all of the designer bags is that genuine ones usually have longer handles, liner, a higher quality and finish than most fakes.​ Luxury bags use sturdy materials and have an excellent stitch accents, as opposed to cheaper materials and sloppy stitching.​ The serial numbers on genuine designer bags tend to be even on both sides, with the letters and numbers having a nice crisp.​ Fakesbags tend to have crooked serial numbers, and look bad up close.​

My advice is that if you’re really serious about buying a designer bag, go for the real thing.​ Fakes don’t last nearly as long, and they won’t give you the same satisfaction as the genuine article.​ You are paying for the quality and craftsmanship that the designer puts into his/her work.​

In conclusion, fake bags can be a bit of a minefield.​ It is so easy to be taken in by the whispers of those offering fake bags – a great product at a great price.​ You may think you are getting a great deal, but it’s simply not worth the risk.​

It gets even more complicated when we look at how these fake bags are made and distributed.​ There are a whole network of manufacturers, distributors, and sellers doing business and profiting off their fake product.​ It’s a complex web of deceit, and it’s pretty hard to track it all down.​

And it’s not just the fake replica bags that people need to be wary of, the same distributors create imitation designer products such as purses, wallets, jewelry and clothing.​ To stay safe, be sure to do your due diligence when making any kind of purchase.​ If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.​

The best way to detect if a bag is truly designer or fake is to go into the store and ask to see the bag up close, as well as flip it inside out.​ If the store or seller has something to hide then they won’t give you access to the bag.​ If you are looking at a reputable store then the sales associate should be more than happy to let you examine the product.​ Pay close attention to detail; zipping up and down, turning the bag over and over, and checking the details.​

Ultimately, if you don’t feel completely confident in the purchase then don’t be afraid to walk away.​ Fake bags will not give you the luxury feel of a true designer product.​ You certainly don’t want to end up with a bag you’ll eventually have to replace when it wears out.​

Finally, when it comes to designer bags, be sure to do your research first.​ Read up on the product, the company, and check the reviews.​ And if you’re still in doubt, the easiest way to avoid the stress of buying fake bags is to buy from the manufactures’ website.​ They will have conducted appropriate checks to ensure the bags you are buying are the real deal.​Free photo blue knitted bag still life