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Could You Spot the Difference Between Fake Bags and the Real Ones?

I’m sure you have heard about the counterfeit handbag problem that has become so common now.​ It does not matter where you go, you are bound to come across a fake bag! It’s hard to tell apart a fake bag from a real one and that’s why I wanted to talk to you about the differences between the two.​

First of all, the material should be of great importance while trying to figure out the differences.​ The original designer bags usually use high quality leather that looks rich in color and is soft to the touch.​ If it is a fake bag, then the material used to make it is usually poor – it will be stiffer and the color of the leather will be dull.​

Secondly, the details of the bag should really give you a lot of insight.​ Designer bags usually have very intricate details.​ The hardware will be shiny and of a high quality, the stitching should be perfect and the brand name and logo should be clearly visible.​ However, a fake bag usually has hardware that is faded and dull and the stitching is usually not up to the mark.​

Thirdly, the price tag should also be taken into account when identifying a counterfeit bag.​ Fake bags are usually extremely cheap, whereas, a designer bag will come with a hefty price tag.​ This is an effective test to determine whether your bag is genuine or not.​

Finally, the authenticity card – if it is a designer bag, it will always come with this card that has details of the product and company name.​ Everyone needs to be cautious while buying a designer bag, as thousands of these fake bags are being circulated in the market.​

It truly takes a trained eye to spot the differences between fake bags and real designer bags.​ Just know that it is always worth paying extra for a designer bag if you are looking for longevity and quality.​ Just try to do your research, educate yourself about the brand’s signature details and buy it from the company’s official store.​ But if you are not sure, then it’s always better to opt for a second-hand authentic bag than buy a brand new counterfeit bag.​

Now that we discussed spotting the difference between fake bags and real ones, let me further tell you about how the counterfeit handbag industry works.​ The counterfeiting industry is an underground economy that can be very lucrative, and as a consequence, competition is fierce.​ The industry is set up like any other business, with manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, each of whom makes a profit.​

Counterfeiters offer designer replicas of handbags made to look and feel like the real thing, without the hefty price tag.​ These bags are produced with cheap labour, which allows them to slash the prices, thus creating more demand.​ The people involved in the counterfeit handbag industry include those who procure the supplies, those who produce the bags, those who transport them, those who protect them, and those who sell and distribute them.​

The most common way for fake handbags to enter the market is through a network of middlemen and sales agents who have infiltrated the collectibles market.​ These middlemen have connections to factories in developing nations, where the bags are produced for a fraction of the cost.​ They then use online outlets, flea markets, and other channels to enter the market, making the counterfeiting process hard to trace.​

Free photo blue knitted bag still lifeOf course, there are also physical stores that sell replica bags handbags.​ These stores may look legit on the outside; however, upon closer inspection, it is usually clear that they are not genuine designer stores.​ These stores often offer very low prices compared to the original sticker price, and all the bags on display look like replicas rather than authentic pieces.​

Fake bags are easy to obtain, but they don’t hold up to real ones.​ Their stitching and zippers are usually of low quality, and they don’t last as long as genuine designer bags.​ Furthermore, by buying replica bags, you become part of a huge industry of illegal activities that hurt legitimate businesses.​

The counterfeiting industry includes criminals and organized networks and this raises questions about the reliability of the products.​ As a rule of thumb, it is always best to avoid any stores or outlets that quote unusually low prices, as these are signs of potential counterfeiting.​

So, does it seem worth taking the risk? Buying fake designer bags can be a budget-friendly way to get your hands on the latest luxury handbags, but it requires taking a risk.​ It is essential to be educated about the differences between the original and the fake bags and to be aware of the potential consequences of buying replica bags products.​

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