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coco chanel bags boy real vs fake

Most of us have heard about the iconic Coco Chanel bags and many of us own them. I was strolling around a mall one day, trying to find a present for my best friend when I stumbled upon the Chanel store. Mesmerized by the beautiful bags, I knew I had to buy something. While looking at the replica bags, I heard someone mention that Gangnam’s Chanel is known for selling fake Chanel replica bags. My heart sunk as I had no idea how to spot a genuine Chanel bag.

Puzzled, I asked the salesperson to tell me the difference between a real Chanel bag and a fake. Sure enough, there were several things that I could use to tell the difference. She mentioned that the real one was made from thick, quilted leather and the fake ones were often made with thin, flimsy leather. The details and fixtures were very important too. She explained that the ‘C’ logo on the real Chanel bags was solid, symmetrical and well-defined while the fake ones were light and sometimes didn’t even have the ‘C’ logo. The inside of the bag was also of importance as the real ones have stamped authenticity marks, whereas the fakes had poor, blurry stamps.

Having learnt this, I marched back into the store and was determined to buy a real one. I laid my eyes on a black Coco Chanel bag. The leather was thick, the details were solid and the ‘C’ logo was well-defined. I started to feel ecstatic and grabbed the bag to leave. But I remembered the salesperson’s advice and opened the bag to inspect the interior. In the zipper pocket, I found the stamp that the salesperson had mentioned. It was crystal clear and well stamped. ‘Bingo!’ I thought!

I was ecstatic with my purchase and decided to put it to the test. I took the bag to the Chanel store in the mall and asked the salesperson there if the bag was genuine. She quickly examined it and assured me it was. I was delighted and felt proud!

The experience has really changed the way I purchase luxury items. Every time I go shopping now, I try to inspect the items a little more carefully. I ask the salesperson to point out the signs of genuine items and make sure that I am buying the real thing. Now, whenever I use my Coco Chanel bag, I feel even more content knowing that I got a real bag!

In the next sections, I will explain more about how to differentiate a real Coco Chanel bag from a fake. Also, I will discuss the history of the Coco Chanel bag and the materials and craftsmanship used to make the bag. I will share some tips on how to spot a busted fashion piece as well. Finally, I will cover the importance of buying the real Coco Chanel bag and the advantages that come with it.