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christian dior book tote bag fake vs real

My friend, have you heard about Christian Dior Book Tote Bag Fakes vs Real? Well, it’s an interesting topic that I’ve been pondering lately. To start, I just have to share the story of how I became obsessed with finding the authenticity of these bags.

It all started when my cousin went to Italy and bought what she thought was a genuine Dior bag for a ridiculously low price. As it turned out, it was an exact copy. She was completely devastated about the whole episode.

And that’s when it dawned on me that someone out there could probably replicate these designs at a fraction of the original cost. And so I began to research this phenomenon and look into how to spot a fake bag.

First of all, the materials used. A real Christian Dior book tote bag is made of high-quality leather, with precise stitching and finished off with a polished gold-plate hardware. Quite the opposite, a fake bag tends to use lower-grade materials which bother to last around six months.

Second, the design. A real bag will feature the signature Marc Jacobs logo print on the corners and inside the body. Moreover, check the perfection when it comes to the V-logos embossed throughout the bag. It will simply scream for attention from all angles.

The other day, I went to an louis vuitton outlet store and was checking some bags when suddenly I noticed that almost all of them featured some design differences here and there. So, I was pretty sure those were fake as genuine replica bags should be identical.

The same goes for the prices. Genuine Christian Dior bags sell for a hefty amount of money whereas the knock-offs are offered for a much more convenient option. However, we should always think about the value of the bag. Will it last long? Will it keep its beauty for years to come?

On top of that, each model comes with its own limited edition signifier. Whether it is the number of the model or the serial number, these small differences are often what people fail to pay attention to and these are the details that you should keep on the lookout for.

Finally, the color. When it comes to colors, colors, Christian Dior is known for being conservative. Though they offer a plethora of designs, the colors stay within a certain range. Think black, white, beige, and brown for the classics. No rhinestones or pink abstract patterns that scream fake.

So, now that you have more information about how to make sure you buy a genuine item, have you ever bought a Christian Dior book tote bag? Did you know about the fakes beforehand? Tell me your story.