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chanel gabrielle bag fake vs real

I’m obsessed with the Chanel Gabrielle Bag! It’s probably my favorite designer bag ever. It’s so gorgeous and it adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. It’s been on my wish list for a while now, but I’ve been saving up because I want to make sure I get the real thing. That’s why I’m so intrigued by the idea of fake vs. real Chanel Gabrielle Bag debate.

I’ve heard many stories about how difficult it can be to tell if you are looking at a real or fake designer bag. All these stories made my mind spin. It’s crucial to know the ins-and-outs of the actual bag so you can detect a fake. It’s a guessing game, and I want to win this game. So, I set out to do further research on the topic of Chanel.

I got stuck on the question, how to tell a fake from the real and more importantly, why the question even matters? Soon I figured out, it usually sounds too good to be true if the price of a designer bag is too low. A discounted price for a Chanel Gabrielle Bag is very rare. Let me tell you why, all the labels and accessories are carefully created to maintain the brand’s authentic integrity. The dust bag, the box, and the authenticity card must match the bag to make sure everything is in sync.

The cop is also important. A replica bags bag looks sloppy and unfinished. A cheap construction from a fake won’t last. A designer bag is an investment purchase. You want to make sure the material is strong, durable and genuinely created. In addition, pay attention to the straps, heavy-duty hardware, and zipper. These parts must be in place and authentic to confirm the bag is genuine.

Most of the Chanel signature designs never change. The shapes, logos, prints, and patterns will always be the same. It helps to take your time researching the design. Learn the styles inside and out and determine what is genuine Chanel. A thorough examination will be the only way to determine the original design. Plus, the genuine Chanels will have real diamonds or jewels. Fake or genuine Chanel, you can tell the real one apart from the amount of precious stones used.

Now I know what to look for. I can purchase a Chanel Gabrielle Bag with confidence. I know it’s a smart purchase and every detail has been authenticated. After several research and analyzing, I am ready to purchase this timeless bag.

What’s the next step of the Chanel Gabrielle Bag debate? By studying the internal components, you can determine if the bag is worth the luxury price. Inside the Chanel, the leather holds its shape, this is key to know the difference between a real or a fake. Genuine is made with cowhide, lambskin, or goatskin, while fake Chanel is made with extra thick or plastic-like synthetic leather. Rolled leather straps should be perfect aligned, without any stitching highlight and a secure shoulder strap.

The slob-locks and turn-lock must be identical. The back of the lock should be smooth and imprinted in the metal, not painted on. The dimensions of the real and fake bags Chanel bags differ. Serious investigating will make sure the bag is not too big or too small. Push down the middle part of the bag and see if it will collapse afterward. A real Chanel bag should retain its shape due to the quality and design.

For further examining, the serial number is another giveaway element. It usually takes one to seven digits on the original Chanel. It must be straight and has a modern font. Always trust an abundance of photos before you make your purchase. Lastly, a real Chanel is produced with a thick cotton liner. The structure should never look dull or rough, instead, expect a luminous gloss.