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cath kidston bag original vs fake

My friend, I just scored an amazing Cath Kidston bag. You know how much I love this brand and I have been wanting to get a bag ever since it first entered the market. I’ve already started to use it and it looks so amazing! Now here’s the problem… I’d heard stories about people getting themselves fake versions of the original Cath Kidston bag. So now I am always scared my bag is a fake one.

Typically, when it comes to buying things for ourselves, we never want to buy a fake version of it. Who wants to waste their hard-earned money? That is why I had to find out the major differences between the two.

For starters, when it comes to purchasing the real original Cath Kidston bag, there are certain avenues one can take. Firstly, the bag can be bought directly through the company’s website. Secondly, one can purchase the bag from retail stores who have a special arrangement with the company. Finally, there are also authorised distributors on other platforms who make sure that authentic bags reach to a customer.

On the other hand, when it comes to purchasing a fake Cath Kidston bag, there are many other sources available. The most common ones being local markets, small-time e-commerce sites, and street vendors. The prices offered by these sources are usually pretty low, as compared to the original price.

Now when it comes to the main part, i.e. the difference in both the bags, it is more than likely that it will be hard to differentiate between the two. The fake bags are usually fabricated to look as fine as the real ones, with all the required aspects, such as zippers, hemline etc. The major difference between the two bags can be seen in their internal manufacturing techniques. The real bag uses higher quality material and stitching techniques in their making, while the fake ones are made from low-grade stuff.

When it comes to the feel of both the bags, again it is tricky to note the actual difference. The authentic bag will have a buttery soft surface with an elaborate trimming and finishing that fake bags simply cannot replicate. This is due to the fact that fake bags are made out of synthetic materials and are pumped out of mass production factories.

Besides, there are small details that a novice will most likely miss, such as labels, fake bags tiny logos and tags. On the genuine bag, there is an embossed ‘Cath Kidston’ logo at the footer of the bag. Moreover, the chic golden metallic plating adds a certain kind of grace to the bag that the fake versions cannot replicate perfectly.

The advantage with the fake bags is that they are usually able to produce exact copies of the original bag. So much so, that a non-professional may find it hard to differentiate between the two. However, the real Cath Kidston bags are guaranteed to last longer as they are made with better material and stitching techniques.

In conclusion, I’ve done a thorough research about the real and louis vuitton outlet fake Cath Kidston bags and have been able to identify the major differences between the two. Clearly, the real bags are worth the cost and will stay by my side for the long run.