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carhartt bag original vs fake

It was a few months ago that I first saw the coveted Carhartt bag. I had seen in in stores, sure, but never accomplished the feat of having one in my possession until recently. Boy was I in for a surprise. My friend had bought a Carhartt that she was really proud of and I must say, it seemed too good to be true. It was only when I asked her where she got it from that I heard the dreadful words “it’s a fake”.

I was gobsmacked. I had heard about the replica bags market but I never expected someone to be fooled by it that easily, let alone someone I know. I didn’t know how to feel. On the one hand I was taken aback that my friend had been deceived so easily. On the other hand I was severely enamored by the bag. If this fake was this good, I thought, the original must be out of this world!

The next few days went by in a sort of haze. I was enthralled by the idea of an original Carhartt bag. Everywhere I looked I saw replicas, dupes, clones, with more and more people getting taken advantage of. Sure, it was a nice bag, but it was after all just a fake. So I set out to find a legit, PLAID original Carhartt bag.

My journey for the original Carhartt bag took me on a quest of epic proportions, and, trust me, it was never easy. It was only after months of intense searching that I stumbled upon an online store that sold the real deal. I could not believe my luck. I quickly bagged myself the beloved Carhartt bag for an astounding price.

On taking it out of its box, I was blown away. I held in my hands a piece of excellence. Genuine leather and 19th century buttons were a sight to behold. I could not help but marvel at the craftsmanship and dedication. It was not just a bag – it was a work of art! Sure, these bags were pricier than the fake counterparts, but they were worth a million times more in terms of quality, style and uniqueness.

The biggest difference between the real and fake was not even visible to the naked eye. It lay between the bag’s construction and materials. The fake ones had low-quality polyester signatures, glued like a hotchpotch. On the other hand, the real ones had symmetrical stitching and flawlessly embroidered patches. No wonder the originals last for years whilst the fakes degrade and rage after just a few weeks of use.

At first I was quite skeptical about the idea of buying an expensive original bag. But after all the research and comparison, my brain and heart have now been set. There is nothing like the original Carhartt bag, and I will never again hesitate before buying one.

I was certainly not wrong. The Carhartt bag has been my closest ally ever since. It has come with me from the grandest of occasions to the most mediocre of days, and never once has it let me down. An original bag is always the safest bet, and it’s evident why.

I’ve come across some amazing fakes, yes, but they don’t even come close to what an original Carhartt bag is and can do. It’s simple: if you’re looking for a quality bag that ages with grace and is an instant upgrade to your personality, there’s no better choice than a Carhartt.

On further exploring the bag, replica bags I found out about the amazing customer service that Carhartt provided. Whenever you buy an original, you are immediately entitled to a 10-year warranty, free of cost. Such mentionable details add to the charm of this baby. It’s rare to find such bags elsewhere.

After using my bag for some months, I ran across some friends staring at it agog. They asked me where’d I got it from, and I, grinning with pride, told them the name ‘Carhartt’ and added a few words of reproof. Don’t get fooled easily or pay attention to the occurrent trends – go for the original and nothing else. It’s a worthwhile investment.