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burberry bag how to spot a fake

When I think of the Burberry Bag, my mind instantly goes to the luxury and timeless style of the brand. I remember first hearing about the Burberry Bag when I was in high school. My classmates were always talking about it, wanting to have one and showing off their latest finds. I remember being so intrigued and wanting one for myself – I just had to know how to spot a fake!

Thankfully, I soon discovered that if I wanted a real, designer Burberry Bag I needed to be careful and sure to look out for louis vuitton outlet certain things. Learning the authentic details of Burberry Bags is a skill I’ve practiced over many years, and I still love doing it.

For starters, I like to tell people to always check the logo. Burberry bags are amongst the most counterfeited items out there on the market, and often times the craftsmanship of the logo is one of the most obvious signs of a counterfeit. I’d always look for a perfectly placed and clear logo print; make sure the font and colours are crisp and clean. There should also be a consistency in the spacing and alignment of all the letters. Lastly, if you have ever seen the pregnancy of the letter ‘R’ (it is literally tilted to the side!) then you know you have a real Burberry Bag!

I’d also recommend checking the material: genuine Burberry will have high-end materials like leather and vinyl. It’s good to also note that there are often interior branding details – such as ‘Burberry – Made in Italy’ or something similar. Be sure to check these and closely inspect all the patterns. Genuine Burberry will always have a nice, symmetrical pattern that looks even and precise on all sides of the bag.

Next up, check the stitching. Fake bags tend to have loose, uneven stitching but designer bags like Burberry bags are known to have very neat and even stitches. Ensure that all corners are secured, the trimming loops are consistent, and there are no loose threads. Each side should look identical.

Finally, pay attention to the quality of the hardware. The metal should be thick, hefty and very precisely manufactured. If the hardware looks light and breaks easily, it’s a watch out! Genuine bags usually have a logo embossed on the hardware as well.

So whether you like the classic timeless designs or the latest fashion trends, there’s only one way to guarantee you have a genuine Burberry bag – do your homework. Be sure to educate yourself about the details and come armed with questions. It’s the only way to be able to spot a fake!