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bottega veneta cassette bag real vs fake

Wow! I have been wanting a Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag so badly lately. I’m sure it’s the same for all of us, but in a world of so many counterfeits, how do you know if it’s a real one? After much research, I decided to get the real thing, but I want to share my story with you, as I know it can be so confusing!

Firstly, I went through the internet to read every article and review I could find on the difference between a real and a fake BV bag. At first, the differences were totally confusing – but I soon realized that the real bag will always have a serial number, a heavier construction, better stitching and stronger leather. Also, the leather will be evenly dyed and the edges won’t have any shredding or disconnection – so that was a giveaway.

Next, louis vuitton outlet I went looking for authentic shops and resellers. I made sure to only look at sites I trusted and check their reputation, avoiding any probable scams. I read the descriptions of the bags and learnt that for a real BV bag, the logo should be embossed and evenly placed! After I found a shop I trusted, I made sure to call them up, ask for details and on-the-spot pictures to double-check the authenticity of the bag.

When the bag came in, I was surprised by its beautiful craftsmanship and timeless design – all the signs of a true original. I also knew it was authentic because the corners were sharp, the leather smelled top-notch and the item numbers and serial numbers matched the ones specified in the description. They even sent a certificate of authenticity to make sure I was assured.

Once I received the bag, replica bags it was important to continue taking some precautionary measures to ensure I don’t get scammed in the future. As much as the bag felt real and looked real, I make sure that when the time comes for me to gifting it or selling it, I have all my documents and receipts handy just in case.

Also, the Bottega Veneta website has an area with ‘Authentic Service’ where you can check the serial number of the bag to ensure that it’s a real one. That gave me some extra security that yes, my Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag is an original.

I discussed with my family and friends about taking this extra step to make sure that this precious bag is an authentic one and I’m glad I did it. Even though there are some costlier models out there, save for that, I got the best quality bag at the best price and most of all, I’m really happy with my investment.

Another thing I have learnt is that Bottega Veneta bags are a gateway to style, sophistication and elegance. It’s a fashion statement within itself and even though all of us own classic fashion pieces, the BV bag adds something unique and special. There’s nothing quite like it.

You know, one thing I’m sure of is one can never go wrong with an original. I’m thankful that I did my due diligence when I chose this one and ensured that I picked the original. Because if not, it’s just like those saying goes ‘You get what you pay for’.

Where now I own an original, I can finally rest assured. Sure, a fake Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag may have looked good but I can’t help but feel grateful to have the real deal. Some bags may come and go, but when you get a designer bag, it’s something you can keep and cherish for a very long time.