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authentic longchamp neo bag vs fake

Hey, guess what! I was in the market for a new bag lately and recently bought a Longchamp Neo. I couldn’t help but notice the plethora of seemingly identical bags on the market. After a little bit of digging, I was able to differentiate the authenticity of the new bag from a fake one.

After a hefty amount of research, I narrowed down the key aspects that differentiate a authentic Longchamp Neo bag from a replica bags one.

Firstly, check the canvas for logos. On an authentic, the logo should be tightly printed with a black border around it. Imitations tend to have washed out logos and the border is usually faint or nonexistent.

On the outside of the bag, the push-locks on the authentic bag have a brushed finish and a smooth surface. Fakes often have a plastic-like texture and an imprinted pattern. Secondly, the shoulder strap will be a little thicker and wider on an authentic bag. Moreover, an authentic strap should be oval, while a fake bag will have a rounded edge.

Thirdly, the valuable stitch pattern becomes a crucial must-note element. It should be neat without any loose threads. Side pockets should have a flat surface with an even seam, and generally, all pockets should have a consistent stitch pattern. Fourthly, the trim of the bag should be a matte finish and helps to give the bag an overall “luxurious” look. On fake Longchamp Neos, these are usually made of plastic.

Fifthly, on the inside of the bag, there will be a stamp of the Longchamp icon with the “1920” underneath it. Lastly, the price difference should be rather apparent; fakes will be considerably less expensive than authentic bags.

Now that you know how to identify a fake from an authentic Longchamp bag, make sure you always pay close attention. Taking the time to investigate ensure that you can purchase a quality designer item with real value.

Also, remember that you get what you pay for. Never settle for something that looks like a real Longchamp Neo because you could be easily fooled. Even if a bag looks the part, always make sure that it checks each of these features before you purchase it.

Overall, the main point to take away is that the quality of the bag should be your priority. It’s not sufficient to simply buy a designer bag if it doesn’t meet the specifications of an authentic Longchamp Neo. You simply haven’t gotten value for money!

At the end of the day, I’m glad I took the extra few steps to ensure that I bought an authentic Longchamp Neo bag. Sure, it cost a bit more, but when it came to the quality, it was definitely worth every penny. After all, it’s an investment piece that I can carry for replica bags years to come!