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alexander wang diego bag fake

When my best friend asked me for advice on whether to get the authentic Alexander Wang Diego bag or a fake one, I was immediately intrigued. I had heard of the famous designer, but never purchased his bags myself. I went online to research, and I was surprised to learn just how much of a difference there was between authentic and fake versions of the same bag.

The fake version was obviously cheaper, but I soon realized why. For one, the fake bag was made of a much lower quality material, which was very apparent. I then compared the stitching, and it was much poorer and prone to fraying. On the other hand, the genuine Alexander Wang Diego bags were much more sturdy and luxurious in comparison.

The difference in detail between the authentic and the fake version of the bags was huge. The fake was missing many of the iconic details that make the Alexander Wang line recognizable, such as the signature markings and the hardware, which was made from cheap plastic. The genuine bags’ hardware featured luxurious gold and silver accents. They also featured a unique anti-theft clasp.

The quality difference between the fake and genuine bags were like night and day. The fake had a loose, flimsy feel that could easily come apart. Meanwhile, the genuine Alexander Wang Diego bags preserved their shape and strength. Not only that, but the genuine bags are also created with care to ensure that no detail is overlooked.

When I saw the price difference between the authentic Alexander Wang Diego replica bags and the fake ones, I was taken aback. But when I looked at the details of the bag, I understood. The genuine bags were made with exquisite detail and fake bags craftsmanship, and they were worth the investment. I could not recommend enough that my friend buy the genuine bag. Even if it was an investment, I knew it was an investment that was worth it.