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air bag takata fake

Oh man, the Takata airbag scandal was such a shock to me. It was such a fatal disaster that rocked the auto industry back in 2017. The US government mandated a recall that affects almost 70 million drivers in USA but numbers worldwide are so much higher. It is thought that the shoddy products Takata produced caused the death of more than 20 people globally- It’s just crazy to think about.

I heard about the scandal every now and then but when I first found out about the Takata falsified test results, I was gobsmacked. Are you kidding me? I mean how do you get away with something like this? Takata had been around since 1933 and had been trusted in the industry for decades. How could they possibly mess this one up so badly? It just blew my mind.

It’s such a tragedy and what’s worse, so many people put their trust in Takata without realising it was all a lie. There’s no telling how much damage has been done now. It could take years and millions of dollars to rectify the mess. What’s more heartbreaking is the magnitude of the human sacrifices. Families have been affected across the globe by this deceitful mistake.

I’m so angry at Takata for this negligence. They knew about the deadly danger for over a decade and replica bags wrote off any concerns. I guess the worst part is the greed factor. Top executives at Takata were allegedly involved in the faked tests and the company pushed the lifecycle of airbag inflators far beyond what was recommended. Knowing that these inflators could easily ignite and cause explosions, Takata still took risks knowing the potential for louis vuitton outlet massive profits lay ahead.

It’s just wrong. Big companies like Takata hold immense responsibility when it comes to safety and that must be taken seriously. They must be held accountable for their wrongdoing. The victims and families affected deserve to be compensated and any wrongdoings must be addressed. It’s so much more than just money- safety is, and should always be, the number one priority.